A look into the future of TECNOL

Jan 16, 2024 | News, Tecnol-en

At TECNOL we start the year 2024 with great energy to continue in the same line as the year we left behind. It was 2023, a year in which we celebrated our 25th anniversary with the opening of the new corporate headquarters that unites different MaserGrup companies, including our own.

It has also been a year where we have joined the UN Global Compact Spain to work for a more sustainable future. And in this same line, we have worked with different projects, especially regarding the solar energy that we produce through the over 10,3000m2 photovoltaic panels that we are installing in our buildings.


A 2024 of growth

In 2024, we at TECNOL are setting out with a clear and ambitious vision. Our main objectives are to maintain the momentum of our current projects, consolidate our position in the market and increase the number and quality of our products and services.

Firstly, we want to continue with our current projects and launch new ones. Our commitment to renewable energies, such as the photovoltaic panels that we are installing on the roofs of different company buildings, will continue to be strengthened. In this way, we will move forward with the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals for the 2030 Agenda, keeping sustainability as one of the pillars of TECNOL for another year.

In addition to consolidating current projects and working towards sustainability, we also want to continue expanding our product catalog. Following our culture of innovation, we plan to launch new efficient and sustainable products, thus continuing the path of creating new solutions to the different needs that arise. Once again this year, we will work with a critical eye to improve our solutions on a daily basis.

In line with growing environmental awareness, TECNOL reaffirms its commitment to sustainability. By implementing responsible business practices, from the selection of raw materials to the manufacturing and packaging of our products, at TECNOL we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and incorporate sustainable practices at all stages of the value chain.

In short, TECNOL’s objectives for 2024 focus on the continuity and improvement of our current projects, the expansion of our product catalog and the intensification of our efforts towards sustainability in all facets of our business. These objectives reflect our commitment to excellence, innovation and corporate, social and environmental responsibility.