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The terms and conditions indicated below (the “General Conditions”) regulate the access and use of each and every one of the web pages located under the domain “”, and its respective subdomains and subdirectories (the ” Website”), owned by Serveis i Administracions MaserGrup S.L.U., a commercial company with registered office at Calle Guerau de Liost, 9, 43206, Reus, Tarragona, incorporated for an indefinite period by virtue of a public deed and registered in the Mercantile Registry of the province of Tarragona, with protocol number 4454, on July 2, 2004 with C.I.F. No. B-43772433.

Access to the Website and the use of its contents and services implies full and unreserved adherence to the General Conditions that are set out in the version published at the time the user accesses it.

The latest version of the General Conditions may be consulted whenever you wish at the electronic address If the user decides not to accept the current Conditions, they must refrain from accessing the Website and/or using the contents and/or services available on it.

Terms of Service

Object of the conditions

The purpose of these Conditions is to regulate the access and use of the Website. For the purposes of these General Conditions, the Website will be understood as:

  • The external appearance of screen interfaces, both statically and dynamically (the navigation tree). Including, by way of example and not limitation, those texts, images, sounds, databases, multimedia products, interpretations, artistic executions, fixations, photographs, broadcast signals, and in general, all those creations and objects expressed by any means or support, currently known or to be invented in the future, whether or not they are subject to protection by the current legal system in terms of intellectual, industrial property or by any other similar legal systems (the “Contents”) and all those services or resources online that it offers to users (the “Services”).
  • MaserGrup reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the Website and the Contents and Services incorporated therein. The user acknowledges and accepts that at any time MaserGrup may interrupt, deactivate and/or cancel any of the Content and/or Services that are integrated into the Website.

Particular conditions

  • The access and use of certain Contents and/or Services may be subject to certain own conditions, legal notices, guidelines and regulations of use that, previously made known to the user, and depending on the case, will replace, complete and/or modify the General Conditions collected here (hereinafter, the “Particular Conditions”).
  • In case of contradiction between the terms and conditions stated in the General Conditions and the Particular Conditions, the terms agreed in the latter instrument will prevail always and in any case.

Access to content and services

  • To access the Website, the user must:
    • have access to the Network, either directly or indirectly through the access devices;
    • pay the corresponding access and connection fees and
    • have the computer equipment and systems necessary to connect to the Network, including a terminal that is suitable for this purpose (computer, telephone, etc.) and a modem or other similar or similar access device.
  • For the correct access, visualization and implementation of certain Contents and Services of the Website, the user may need to download certain computer programs or other logical elements to their computer equipment. Said installation will be borne by the user, MaserGrup declining any type of responsibility that may derive from it.
  • The user undertakes not to access the Contents and/or Services of the Website by means other than the screen interface that MaserGrup provides to access them.

Rules of use of the site

  • The user undertakes to use the Website and the Contents and/or Services incorporated therein diligently and correctly. Likewise, the user agrees not to use the Website:
    • for carrying out activities contrary to the law, morality, accepted good customs or established public order and
    • for purposes or effects that are illicit, prohibited or harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, MaserGrup declining any liability that may arise from the foregoing.
  • The user acknowledges and accepts that the use of the Website and its Contents and/or Services will be made for strictly personal, private and particular purposes. It is expressly prohibited for the user to authorize third parties to use, in whole or in part, the Website or to introduce and/or incorporate the Content and/or Services incorporated therein as, or in, their own business activity. The use or application of any technical, logical or technological resources by virtue of which users may benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, from the unauthorized exploitation of the Contents and/or Services or the Website is expressly prohibited.
  • The user undertakes not to damage, render useless or deteriorate the computer equipment and systems or telecommunications equipment of MaserGrup or of any third parties, nor the contents incorporated and/or stored in them.
  • The user agrees to refrain from using the Content and Services in any way that may damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the Website or prevent the normal use or enjoyment of it by other users.
  • The user undertakes not to modify the equipment and systems of MaserGrup in any way, nor to use modified versions of equipment and systems in order to obtain unauthorized access to any Service and/or Content of the Website.
  • The user undertakes not to interfere or interrupt the access and use of the Website, servers or networks connected to it, or fail to comply with the requirements, procedures and regulations of the network connection policy.

Website content and services

  • Corporate information
    • The user knows and accepts that any data related to MaserGrup or the companies of the Group of an economic-financial-strategic nature (hereinafter, “Corporate Information”) is carried out for informational purposes only.
    • The Corporate Information has been obtained from reliable sources, but, despite having taken reasonable measures to ensure that said Information is not erroneous or misleading, MaserGrup does not represent or guarantee that it is accurate, complete or up-to-date, and it should not be relied upon. as if it were.
    • The Corporate Information contained on the Website does not imply any type of investment recommendation, nor financial or other advice, and nothing that is included therein should be taken as a basis for making investments or making decisions of any kind.

Guarantees and responsibility

  • Unless the Law expressly determines otherwise, or express indication to the contrary, the user expressly acknowledges and accepts that MaserGrup does not grant any guarantee of any nature, whether express or implicit, on the Website, or the Contents and Services contained therein. incorporate, including, by way of example and not limitation:
    • The availability and continuity of the operation of the Website and, in particular, although not exclusively, that users can effectively use the Website, the Contents and the Services, access the different web pages that make up the Website or those from which the Services are provided.
    • The levels of quality and functionality of the Website, as well as the Services and/or Contents that it incorporates.
    • The interruption, suspension or cancellation of access to the Website and the Contents and/or Services that it incorporates.
    • The suitability for a particular purpose of the Website and the Services or Content incorporated therein.
    • The certainty, integrity, accuracy and/or updating of the Contents, Services, products, texts, graphics, links or any other elements included in the Website, as well as the results that may be obtained from accessing and/or using this website or its contents.
    • MaserGrup expressly declines any responsibility for errors or omissions in the information contained in the pages of this Website, as well as for the lack of veracity, accuracy, completeness, relevance and/or timeliness of the Contents.
    • Unauthorized access and alteration of the data stored and transmitted through the Website or the services offered in this regard.
    • The absence of viruses or other elements in the content that may cause alterations in your computer system (software and hardware) or in the electronic documents and files stored in your computer system.
  • The user is aware of, and voluntarily accepts, that the use of the Website, the Services and the Contents takes place, in any case, under their responsibility, for which they will adopt all those measures that are necessary for the purposes of minimizing the risks, including the adoption of the necessary security measures to guarantee antivirus and data recovery procedures. Thus, unless the law expressly imposes the contrary and exclusively to the extent and extent to which it is imposed, MaserGrup does not guarantee or assume any responsibility regarding the access and use of the Website or the Contents and/or Services that are contained incorporate.

Force Majeure

Notwithstanding the foregoing, MaserGrup will not be responsible for delays or failures that occur in the access, operation and operation of the Website, its Contents and/or Services, nor for interruptions, suspensions or malfunctions thereof, when they have their origin in failures caused by natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods, lightning or fires, situations of force majeure, situations of extreme urgency such as wars, military operations, civil disturbances, strikes, lockouts or any other situation of force majeure or fortuitous cause.

Personal data

  • To use or have access to certain Services and/or Content, MaserGrup may require users to complete certain registration forms that necessarily imply the supply of certain personal data. MaserGrup will process said data in accordance with the purposes and under the conditions detailed in each case.
  • By completing and submitting any form included on the Website, the user expressly consents and authorizes MaserGrup to collect, automatically process or transfer, as the case may be, the personal data requested in accordance with the purposes and under the conditions detailed in each case.
  • MaserGrup has adopted and will adopt all the technical and organizational security measures that are mandatory in accordance with the provisions of current legislation and existing quality standards in the sector, in order to guarantee maximum security and confidentiality of communications. MaserGrup guarantees that there are controls to prevent the opening of security breaches or other negative consequences, adopting the most appropriate organizational measures and technical procedures in order to minimize these risks. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user acknowledges and accepts that security measures on the Internet are not impregnable. The networks used on the Internet are not secure and any communication sent through this means can be intercepted or modified by unauthorized persons. Notwithstanding the foregoing, MaserGrup warns that the current state of the art does not guarantee the non-infringement of security systems or the inviolability of communications when these are transported through any telecommunications networks. Thus, MaserGrup cannot guarantee the full privacy and security of the use of the Website and the Contents and/or Services and, in particular, that unauthorized third parties may not have knowledge of the class, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of use that users make of the Website and the Contents and/or Services.

Cookie Information

  • The Website may use cookies, small text files with information about your browsing on this site, whose main objective is to improve the user experience on the web
  • By continuing to browse and/or use the functionalities of the Website, the user accepts – depending on the settings you have selected on the privacy options provided by your browser – the installation of the cookies used on this Website and that are described on the page above.

Intellectual and industrial property rights and other rights

  • Applicable Legislation This Website, as well as the Contents, Services and elements that are integrated in it, are the property or are under the control of MaserGrup, being protected, without any limitation, by the laws of intellectual and industrial property. of the Kingdom of Spain and by international treaties and conventions that may be applicable.
  • Property of MaserGrup is the exclusive owner of all intellectual, industrial and similar property rights that may fall on the Website. Likewise, MaserGrup or any of the companies that make up the MaserGrup group of companies reserve all rights over any Content, Services or elements of its property that are incorporated into the Website, including, by way of example and not limiting.

All of this, as a whole, will be referred to hereinafter as the “Property”.

  • Reservation of Rights The user undertakes not to remove, delete, alter, manipulate or in any way modify:
    • Those notes, legends, indications or symbols that MaserGrup or the legitimate owners of the rights incorporate into their properties in terms of intellectual or industrial property (such as, for example, copyright, ©, ® and ™, etc.).
    • The technical protection or identification devices that the Contents may contain (such as, for example, watermarks, fingerprints, etc.).

Property licenses

  • The user acknowledges that, by virtue of these General Conditions, MaserGrup does not assign or transfer to the user any right over his Property, or over any third-party properties. MaserGrup only authorizes the user to access and use them in accordance with the terms indicated in these Conditions.
  • MaserGrup authorizes users to access and browse the Website, using the Services and viewing the Content included therein.
  • Users are not authorized to copy, distribute (including emails and the Internet), transmit, communicate, modify, alter, transform, transfer or, in any other way, carry out activities that entail the commercial use of the Website, its pages, Contents or elements that comprise it, either partially or totally, without the express consent, granted in writing, of the legitimate owner of the exploitation rights. When MaserGrup expressly authorizes it in writing, the user may download a single copy of the Contents. In any case, the license of use recognized in this section may not be, in any case, assigned or transferred to third parties.
  • The access, visualization and, where appropriate, download of the Contents and/or Services will always and in any case be carried out for strictly personal and non-commercial purposes.
  • MaserGrup reserves all rights to the Property including, by way of example and not limitation, all the intellectual and industrial property rights it holds over them. MaserGrup does not grant any other license or authorization of use to the user of its Property other than that which is expressly detailed in this clause.

Violation Notification Procedure

  • In the event that any user or a third party considers that there are facts or circumstances that reveal the illicit nature of the use of any content and/or service, or the performance of any illicit activity on the web pages included in the Website, or through the Services provided, you may contact the Legal Department at the MaserGrup registered office indicated above, providing the following information:
    • The name, surnames, national identity document, address, telephone number and email address of the claimant, as well as, where appropriate, the signature of the owner of the allegedly infringed rights or, where appropriate, of the person authorized to act in his name and representation.
    • Determine the alleged illicit activity and, in particular, in the case of an alleged violation of intellectual or industrial property rights, a precise and specific description of the protected content, as well as its exact location.

Validity of the general conditions and their modification

  • The legal relationship derived from the access and use of the Website, as well as the Contents and Services incorporated therein, has an indefinite duration. Likewise, any of the parties may terminate or suspend this contractual relationship unilaterally at any time and for no other reason than their will in that regard.
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, said relationship will be deemed terminated immediately when MaserGrup publishes new General Conditions. The access and use of the Website will imply the full adhesion and acceptance of the new conditions and, consequently, the beginning of a new legal relationship.
  • MaserGrup reserves the right to modify, at any time, and without prior notice, these General Conditions.

Assignment to third parties

  • The user may not assign, transfer, encumber or subrogate in favour of third parties the rights and obligations established in these General Conditions and, where appropriate, in the Particular Conditions.
  • MaserGrup may assign, transfer, encumber or subrogate in favour of third parties, totally or partially, the rights and obligations assumed by virtue of the contractual relationship set forth herein, as well as the contractual position to any third party, understood by means of this clause that the user grants sufficient authorization for this purpose.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

  • The Website is operated and controlled by MaserGrup from its offices in Spain. Consequently, all issues that may arise from the access and/or use thereof will be understood to be regulated and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law.
  • In the event that the user is domiciled outside of Spain, MaserGrup and the user submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, to the competent Courts and Tribunals in the Kingdom of Spain.


  • Unless otherwise indicated, all notifications, requirements, agreements, consents, acceptances, approvals or communications that are necessary in accordance with the provisions of these General Conditions or that, in one way or another, are related to it, must be in writing, and sent to MaserGrup by mail to the company’s registered office, to the attention of the Legal Department.

More information

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