27th TECNOL Sales Convention

Mar 11, 2024 | News, Tecnol-en

Last Friday, March 1st, at the MaserGrup – TECNOL facilities, we had the pleasure of holding the XXVII edition of our Sales Convention, gathering all our team working throughout the territory.

The day began early with a guided tour of our new corporate facilities. Later, in the building’s auditorium, the convention program began. After the welcoming words from Mr. Xavier Martínez Serra, president of the group, we enjoyed an inspiring talk on sales given by José Martí, Counselor of MaserGrup.

This was followed by the presentation of the latest products developed by the various divisions of TECNOL. These products, as is our custom, have been designed with a focus on sustainability and efficiency to meet the needs of our customers. The entire sales team had the opportunity to participate in hands-on demonstrations showing the various applications and uses of the new products. After a short coffee break in the middle of the morning, we continued with the convention program, which included training on tools to optimize the day-to-day work of our sales representatives, as well as other surprises.

Sales convention 2024:

In this edition of TECNOL’s Annual Sales Convention, we based our work around the motto “Everything is Poka-Yoke”. This work approach is fundamental as a philosophy at TECNOL, as it represents a continuous improvement technique with two main objectives: to prevent inadvertent errors in production and logistics processes, and to correct any inefficiencies that may arise.

In addition to immersing ourselves in an intensive working day, we had the opportunity to share not only TECNOL’s latest news, but also experiences, opinions and product training, among other things. It was a day full of an enriching environment for the entire TECNOL team, culminating with a “calçotada” style lunch. Undoubtedly, an excellent day of work and team building for our sales representatives.