Night of the Patronage

At the Night of the Patronage of Socrates Educa International School, Fruselva awarded the scholarship in the Scientific, Mathematical, and/or Technological field.

Jun 22, 2023 | Fruselva-en, News

For the third consecutive year, we have witnessed the celebration of a special event known as the Night of the Patronage, where Fruselva’s participation, through our distinguished president, Xavier Martínez i Serra, has been notable.


In this exciting edition, Fruselva has awarded a prestigious scholarship in the fascinating field of scientific knowledge, mathematics, and/or technology, and the fortunate recipient has been student Alex Quesada Quesada.


The purpose of this scholarship, which is renewed annually, is to stimulate inventiveness, curiosity, and aptitude among secondary school students at SEIS in the fields of science, technology, and mathematics, with the aim of promoting scientific creativity and interest in the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 among students during the upcoming academic period.


It is a source of great satisfaction for Fruselva to award this prestigious award. We firmly believe in the importance of education at all stages of life, especially in youth, where solid foundations must be established to shape a promising future.


Congratulations, Alex Quesada! We encourage you to continue striving with enthusiasm and dedication.


Night of the Patronage

Fruselva grants Science, Math and/or Technological fields scholarship for the third year in a row given by Socrates Educa International School during Patronage Night, celebrated last Friday, June 16th.

One more year, Patronage Night was held, in which Fruselva participated, represented by our president, Xavier Martínez i Serra.

During this edition, Fruselva granted the scholarship dedicated to the Science, Math and/or Technological scholarship to the student Alex Quesada Quesada.