Masergrup joins Empresas #PorElClima as one of the 10 + 10 business examples 2023

Oct 11, 2023 | Masergrup-en, News

Masergrup has presented its candidature for 10+10 Business Examples #PorElClima. A #PorElClima Business initiative, which seeks to recognize the excellence and ambition of 10 large companies and 10 SMEs that strive every day to develop environmental actions for climate protection and corporate and business sustainability plans.

The candidacy

Masergrup’s candidacy, classified in the mitigation category, is the construction and commissioning of the group’s new corporate headquarters at the beginning of this year, 2023. At Masegrup we believe that the transformation must start from the root, which is why the construction of the headquarters was done in an energetically positive way.

With a vision of future work spaces as a transversal axis, the project seeks environmental sustainability through the construction of a modern, intelligent, green building equipped with integrated energy self-consumption systems. The building has photovoltaic panels (300 KWp) installed on its roof that make it a completely self-sufficient building. A fact that adds the building to the ACEPAR Energy Community (Agroreus Polígono Energy Community Association), an initiative of the Reus City Council, in 2022, to finance the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of ACEPAR members to generate energy self-consumption and sell the surplus to the local energy marketer of the city council.

There are various measures taken in its design and construction to achieve sustainability objectives, such as the covering of the building to provide natural shade and thus avoid energy waste due to the air conditioning of its interior, or the free-use electric vehicle chargers and the bicycle and scooter parking to promote sustainable transport.

With the inauguration of the new corporate headquarters last winter, it became the third building with the LEED Gold seal in the province of Tarragona, in addition to having the 0 Carbon Footprint Certificate and the RESET certificate, referring to the quality of the indoor air, and an A+ Energy Certification.


Companies for the climate

The driving group of the 10+10 #PorElClima Business Examples is the #PorELClima Community which promotes the ambition of the private sector to implement the Paris Agreement, stop the climate emergency, and move together towards decarbonization. A community in which the three key sectors in the transition process towards a low-carbon economy are represented: public administrations, companies, and civil society.