agreement with La NAVARRA Group

Vermuts Miró signs an agreement with La NAVARRA Group for the distribution of its products.

Mar 2, 2023 | Miró-en, News

agreement with La NAVARRA Group

Vermuts Miró, a company recognized for the manufacture of vermouth and other liquors, begins the year with the intention of conquering different projects. The company has great growth prospects compared to 2022, seeking to increase sales by one million litres, thus reaching 6 million litres.

It seeks to differentiate itself from its competition by becoming one of the largest producers in Europe in its category.


During the previous year, the company stood out for its large investment in expanding its headquarters in Reus. For this year 2023, it plans to continue with internalisation, and it will focus its strategy on its development in the domestic market.

Now, following this growth in productive capacity, Vermuts Miró has started a new strategic plan based on the expansion its distribution network.
From now on, Vermuts Miró will distribute his products through La Navarra Group to increase presence in all sales channels. They have already reached a strategic agreement to distribute their products on the market. The company is a leader specializing in the distribution of spirit drinks and wines. Until now, its distribution was through its own brand “Miró”.

agreement with La NAVARRA Group for the distribution of its products.



Vermuts Miró intends to continue its Innovation Plan, so it will continue to invest in the development of new products. It wants its products represent a change in its category from its participation in different projects with Research Centers and other companies in the sector.
The company intends to lead the new trends, adapting to consumer preferences.

The company intends to continue improving to add recognition to the long list that precedes them. Among some of these recognitions in international competition, the latest additions: the Vermut Miró Gran Reserve and the 100% ecological product it presented in 2022, the Vermut Miró Organic.